Position title
Angular Developer
Job Location
Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Pune, Noida, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Noida, India

We are looking for developers who will either be responsible for developing a new website or maintaining old web applications built in Angular JS and Angular 2+. Candidates must possess a good understanding and knowledge of TypeScript and observables.

Mandatory Skills & Knowledge

  • 1. Minimum 4 years of development experience in Angular (2/4/6/8+ version) and TypeScript.
  • 2. Good understanding and experience of HTML / CSS / Javascript / Webpack / Bootstrap.
  • 3. Hands-on experience with ES6 / ES7 / ES8 features.
  • 4. Expertise with Web Services / REST APIs.
  • 5. Proficiency in Linux and deployment on Linux.
  • 6. Skillful experience in Node JS / Express / MongoDB will be a plus.
  • 7. Knowledge of AWS services like S3, EC2 would be valuable.
  • 8. Expertise in Agile and CI/CD would be beneficial.

Technologies / Frameworks / Tools / Proficiency

  • Languages/Frameworks: TypeScript, Angular 2+, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS.
  • Database: MongoDB, SQLite.
  • Tools: Git, Visual Studio Code / WebStorm.
  • Operating System: Ubuntu / CentOS.

Estimations & Task Planning

  • 1. Divide the project into modules and tasks based on the business requirement or SRS.
  • 2. Estimate time for the modules/tasks based on different estimation techniques.
  • 3. Prepare a project plan and WBS which will have each module and task with a specific start and end date.
  • 4. Seek approval from all the stakeholders on WBS and prepare the project plan accordingly.
  • 5. You should be well-versed with the project management tool.

Database creation & updating of custom modules

  • 1. identify the modules/tasks and prepare the database designs using MySQL Workbench.
  • 2. Discuss the same with the team members and seek approval from the stakeholders.
  • 3. Coding, Debugging, Unit Testing & Documentation of Code and Application
  • 4. As per the best standard practices and guidelines, code each module within the timeline mentioned in WBS.

Debug and unit test the code/module.

  • 1. Use appropriate versioning tools like GIT, SVN, etc.
  • 2. Document the code and application that later can be shared with the client.
  • 3. Prepare the user manuals for custom module/code that needs to be shared with the client and used for training purposes.
  • 4. Optimize the website after checking through benchmarking tools like www.gtmetrix.com or Google Page Speed.
  • 5. Experience in the latest Angular version. (2/4/6/8+ version)
  • 6. Good knowledge of Service-based architecture/Component-based architecture.

Project Deployment & Maintenance

  • 1. Check all the deployment checklist before putting anything on production.
  • 2. Update the security patches whenever they are available.
  • Technologies / Frameworks / Tools / Proficiency
  • 1. Languages/Frameworks: TypeScript, Angular 2+, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS.
  • 2. Database: MongoDB, SQLite.
  • 3. Tools: Git, Visual Studio Code / WebStorm.
  • 4. Operating System: Ubuntu / CentOS.
Employment Type

8221901204, 7876212244

Base Salary
INR8,00,000-INR10,50,000 Per year

Minimum 4 years

Date posted
July 25, 2021
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Position: Angular Developer

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