Video Editor

The video editor is responsible for creating, editing, and producing high-quality videos for a variety of purposes, including marketing, social media, instructional, and entertainment. The role requires an individual with a keen eye for detail, strong technical skills, and the ability to bring creative ideas to life through video.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Shoot & Edit raw footage and assemble it into a polished final product, ensuring the video is visually appealing, engaging, and effective in communicating the intended message.
  2. Collaborate with creative teams, including directors, producers, and writers, to develop and execute video concepts, from pre-production through post-production.
  3. Enhance video and audio quality, ensuring it meets the highest standards and is optimized for different platforms, including social media and mobile devices.
  4. Use specialized software, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects to create and edit video content.


  1. Proven experience as a video editor for at least 2 years , with a strong portfolio showcasing technical skills and creative abilities.
  2. Excellent communication skills, including the ability to collaborate effectively with creative teams and provide feedback on video concepts and projects.
  3. Strong technical skills, including proficiency in specialized software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects.
  4. A strong understanding of video and audio quality standards, including resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and color grading.

Contact: voice: 7876212244, 8221901204

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Job Category: Video Editor
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Ludhiana-Punjab

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